Enrique Fleischmann: “The Language of Cuisine Transcends Words”

Enrique Fleischmann: “The Language of Cuisine Transcends Words”

The much-anticipated Basque-Georgian Gastronomic Congress, “Culinary Connection Euskadi-Georgia,” is set to unfold in Kakheti, drawing over 250 culinary enthusiasts to its panel discussions, presentations, and a captivating culinary show.

Esteemed chefs and sommeliers from both the Basque Country and Georgia, including the distinguished Mexican chef Enrique Fleischmann, will spearhead this gastronomic assembly. Fleischmann, renowned for his mastery of Basque cuisine as the head chef at the Michelin-starred Bailara restaurant, also founded the Fleischmann Chefs Group and serves as an associate professor at the Basque Culinary Center.

In an engaging dialogue, Fleischmann shares insights into his culinary journey, the influence of Basque culture, and his anticipation for the Basque-Georgian Culinary Congress:

“For me, being a chef in the Basque Country transcends a career—it embodies a lifestyle dedicated to preserving a rich cultural and gastronomic legacy. It’s about creating experiences that visitors and locals alike can cherish.”

Earning a Michelin star and a Sol Repsol award reflects a continuous pursuit of excellence. Fleischmann emphasizes the importance of relentless improvement and adaptation in the high-stakes world of gourmet cuisine.

The congress in Georgia presents a unique opportunity for exchange—Fleischmann is eager to share knowledge, learn from Georgian counterparts, and infuse new flavors and concepts into the culinary world.

Fleischmann’s debut visit to Georgia is driven by a curiosity about Georgian culture and cuisine, optimistic about fostering long-standing ties between the Basque Country and Georgia.

Georgia’s rich geographical diversity is a source of inspiration for Fleischmann, who is keen on exploring local markets, engaging with producers, and integrating Georgian elements into his culinary repertoire.

One of Fleischmann’s most memorable experiences underlines the universal language of cooking. After being initially rejected by the prestigious “Paul Bocuse” due to a language barrier, Fleischmann’s passion and dedication ultimately earned him a place in the kitchen, proving that culinary communication transcends words.

As Kakheti gears up to host this groundbreaking event on March 2-3, 2024, the Basque-Georgian Gastronomic Congress promises to be a celebration of culinary innovation and cultural exchange. Supported by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, the National Tourism Administration, and other esteemed partners, the congress aims to elevate wine-gastrotourism and Georgian cuisine to new heights.