Exploring Culinary Crossroads: The Basque-Georgian Culinary Congress

Exploring Culinary Crossroads: The Basque-Georgian Culinary Congress

The Basque-Georgian Culinary Congress offers a unique platform for cultural exchange and discovery, setting the stage for a fusion of culinary traditions and innovations.

Pili Manterola, shares her insights and experiences at the congress. Her journey, rooted in a deep familial connection to the restaurant Iribar in Getaria, exemplifies the blend of tradition and personal growth that defines Basque cuisine.

A Journey Through Gastronomy

Manterola’s gastronomic path began at 18, spurred by a desire to helm the family restaurant. Mentored by the renowned Luis Irizar in Madrid, she honed her skills in Basque culinary arts, laying the foundation for her future endeavors.

Embracing Change and Cultural Exchange

With 36 years in the culinary industry, Manterola emphasizes the dynamism of gastronomy, advocating for continuous learning and adaptation. The addition of a Georgian team member to Iribar Jatetxea not only enriches the restaurant’s cultural tapestry but also enhances its appeal to Georgian patrons.

The Role of Gastronomic Societies

Manterola highlights the significant impact of culinary societies in promoting gastronomic heritage and innovation. Congresses like the Basque-Georgian Culinary Congress serve as pivotal gatherings for chefs to share and celebrate diverse culinary practices.

Advice for Aspiring Chefs

For those eager to venture into the culinary world, Manterola advises a deep love for food, a commitment to learning, and the courage to explore international cuisines. Returning enriched with global experiences enables chefs to contribute meaningfully to their local gastronomic scenes.

The congress, supported by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, the National Tourism Administration, the City hall of Gurjaani Municipality/

This culinary congress not only signifies the merging of Basque and Georgian cuisines but also acts as a beacon for future chefs, encouraging them to weave their narratives into the rich tapestry of global gastronomy.