Maia Omiadze: “Gastronomic Congress: A Premier Showcase for Georgia’s Enogastronomy Potential”

Maia Omiadze: “Gastronomic Congress: A Premier Showcase for Georgia’s Enogastronomy Potential”

Maia Omiadze, head of the National Tourism Administration of Georgia, shares insights on the pivotal role of the Gastronomic Congress of Georgia and the Basque Country in highlighting the nation’s enogastronomic potential and fostering the growth of gastronomic tourism.

“The ‘Culinary Connection Euskadi – Georgia’ congress stands as a crucial event, positioning Georgia at the forefront of global culinary attention. How, in your view, can this gathering assist in establishing Georgia as a renowned culinary destination?”

The Gastronomic Congress of Georgia and the Basque Country promises three days of enriching panel discussions, presentations, and culinary showcases led by celebrated Basque and Georgian chefs. Anticipating over 250 attendees, this congress serves as an ideal platform for exchanging groundbreaking, innovative experiences, significantly aiding in the development of a competitive and unique gastronomic tourism offering.

Highlighting the synergy between enogastronomy and tourism is a congress objective. How does the National Tourism Administration of Georgia facilitate the integration of these two vital sectors?

The National Tourism Administration of Georgia consistently incorporates the showcasing of the country’s enogastronomy potential into its marketing initiatives, both domestically and internationally. Georgian wine and cuisine are prominently featured across various platforms, with Georgia presenting its authentic culinary potential through major global gastronomic events like Bocuse d’Or and Madrid Fusion. The promotion of Georgian cuisine and wine not only piques interest in Georgia as a culinary hotspot but also supports the private sector through domestic festivals and events aimed at showcasing Georgia’s gastronomic riches.

In advancing Georgia’s culinary profile, describe the National Tourism Administration of Georgia’s collaboration with prestigious culinary institutes, such as the Basque Culinary Center.

Partnering with the Basque Culinary Center, a leading institution in culinary training, research, and innovation, is instrumental in enhancing local gastronomy through the exchange of top-notch experiences and adherence to global culinary trends, all while preserving authenticity.

Given the escalating global interest in food and wine tourism, how does the tourism administration envision supporting the evolution of these sectors?

The National Tourism Administration actively promotes Georgia’s gastronomic tourism potential through a myriad of marketing activities and events, aimed at both domestic and international audiences. Moreover, the administration is keen on shaping and enhancing the gastronomic tourism offerings within Georgia, as seen through initiatives like the “Wine Road” and “Gemofest,” which celebrate the country’s rich winemaking heritage and culinary traditions.

The congress will convene esteemed chefs and sommeliers to explore Georgian cuisine and wine. How critical is the influence of such experts in elevating Georgian gastronomic tourism on the global stage?

The congress will feature prominent chefs and sommeliers whose opinions significantly shape the culinary field. Their appreciation and evaluation of Georgian gastronomic culture serve as an invaluable endorsement of Georgia on the international culinary scene.